Soft Washing

A strong power wash can help us achieve satisfying results, but we need to use lower pressure in some rinsing or cleaning applications. Luckily, we can still get the job done with our soft washing techniques without doing any damage. This is applicable for wooden walkways, patios, roofs, and many more.

While a professional pressurized washing service is arguably an ideal way of receiving satisfactory results, soft power washing still has its perks. For instance, blasting water at high pressure can damage certain building materials, with or without hot water. This can easily remove protective coatings from less durable surfaces.

In those special cases, soft pressure washing is ideal. While it is more similar to actual pressure washing because of the blast of hot water, it has a PSI of less than 500. This also induces deep cleaning effects and gets rid of tough stains, dirt, and grim, without damaging sensitive areas. Our soft washing specialists know how to decrease the pressure of our washer for gentle but quality results.

It may seem ironic, but soft washing is a lot more similar to pressure washing than a power wash. This is because soft washing uses a regular pressure washer which we program to operate with a PSI of less than 500. This ensures that we are able to break down dirt and other organisms on the surface without damaging them.

Additionally, we use biodegradable cleaning detergents. Here at our company, we use environmentally friendly tools, materials, and equipment to deliver safe but superior results. We will make sure to handle your property with care, especially if we have to deal with cedar shake coding, wood panels, wood furniture, and more.

To explain things further, we only recommend pressure washing and power washing for hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and others. However, if you want a deep cleaning job on sensitive areas with less durable materials, soft washing is the key. For instance, places like a wooden patio, roofs, or others, need our soft washing services.

Our expert workers know just how to work with the right amount of water and operate at a lower PSI. Contrary to what others may think, soft washing is just as efficient when it comes to removing tough stains and other contaminants. We use pumps that can withstand chemicals for a thorough clean.