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How to Start a Power Washing Business

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Cleaning houses or driveways is immensely satisfying – and can also bring in extra income through rental income! Plus, this can make an excellent side hustle!

Before you can begin making money, there are a few essentials you must keep in mind. This article covers everything from selecting a name for your business to registering it and obtaining licenses.


Pressure washing businesses can be exciting and profitable businesses to start, with only low startup costs and local focus required for entry. Making this an excellent business model for side hustles or extra income generation. As equipment plays such a critical role, make sure to purchase quality power washers along with any other necessary tools and supplies to get going: Here is some essential equipment required:

Even though a pressure washing business can be run out of your home, if you decide to hire employees you will require storage space. Furthermore, depending on the structure you select it may offer different regulations or liability protection; choose what best meets your needs.

Your first inventory should include chemicals and soaps tailored specifically to the cleaning jobs you plan to undertake, with an approximate value of around $3,000. A van or truck will also be needed as your transportation vehicle between jobs; consider adding custom vehicle decals or magnets bearing your company logo and contact details to turn your work vehicle into a mobile billboard!

Finally, you’ll need to establish your pricing. Your type of service, your local competition and demand as well as how long each job takes will all influence how much potential income there is in each job – an online calculator can be very helpful in estimating this figure.

As soon as you begin running a business, it’s wise to create a business plan. Not only will this guide how you operate it but some banks and lenders require such plans in order to provide funding.

If pressure washing isn’t quite your cup of tea yet, but you still want a local business opportunity, lawn care is another viable choice with similar startup costs and outdoor work opportunities – it can also provide opportunities to hone your skills while making connections in the neighborhood.


Starting a power washing business can be an excellent way to generate extra income or make it your full-time career. But first you must meet certain requirements: choosing a name for the business, registering it with authorities and acquiring all required licenses and insurance policies.

Once your business name is set, registering it is the next step to establish legal foundation and may provide tax savings or personal liability protections for tax benefits and personal liability protections. Registering also helps track important details like customer database and invoices.

Starting a pressure washing business requires various licenses and permits that depend on your state and city of origin. For more information about these requirements, visit your local business licensing department’s website; then check if any additional requirements must be fulfilled within your city or county government’s website.

Additionally, in order to run a pressure washing business legally and ethically, it will also require you to obtain a contractor’s license or permit from state or local agencies. These licenses ensure you meet all state or local regulations. In some states, water pollution control permits are also necessary as pressure washers use chemicals which could potentially pollute the environment.

Transport your equipment in style! A truck, van or trailer should be acquired to transport large quantities to and from each job site safely. Be aware of how much weight each vehicle can support before selecting an ideal rig for yourself.

Finally, it is essential that your business acquires commercial general liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies to protect your business in case an accident or injury should arise while working on client properties; additionally, this type of policy will pay legal fees should someone sue you or another third-party against them.


Pressure washers have the power to cause serious property and bodily injury, necessitating adequate insurance protection against potential risks for power washing businesses. General liability coverage should be the standard among power washing businesses to compensate for third-party property damage claims or personal injuries; professional liability coverage provides legal defense costs as well as damages should a client allege you made mistakes that led to financial harm for clients.

Other types of business insurance may also be necessary depending on your unique situation. For instance, if you own a power washing business by yourself and operate as a sole proprietorship entity, sole proprietorship insurance might be appropriate as it allows for single ownership structure for this industry. But if your power washing company has other owners or employees as part of its structure then LLC might be better as this form of organization separates your personal assets from company risk more easily.

If your business requires transporting equipment between work sites, commercial auto coverage is an absolute must. This insurance typically protects vehicles you own or lease as well as hired and non-owned cars used exclusively for business purposes. Workers’ compensation coverage also offers important protection if one of your employees gets hurt on the job.

As an extra precautionary measure should you need to close down your power washing business abruptly for any covered reason, business interruption insurance can cover expenses in order to keep paying your bills while searching for new locations or starting up again in a different industry.

Insurance for your power washing business can help you overcome obstacles and achieve success, much like its namesake: an effective high-powered nozzle. Before diving in to starting one, it’s crucial that you evaluate your needs and budget before entering this realm – this way you can minimize upfront costs while increasing profits and client acquisition by creating marketing methods tailored to attract clients via flyers or social media posts.


Pressure washing is an expansive industry with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs in local communities. Furthermore, its relatively low start-up costs and high profit potential make it an attractive business proposition for anyone who wishes to work independently. You must put forth effort into marketing your business in order to draw in customers.

There are various marketing strategies you can employ for your power washing business, including online advertising. When choosing these approaches, make sure they will reach your target audience and allow for growth of the company. In addition, ensure you have in place appropriate metrics to measure progress and success.

Marketing techniques for a new power washing business that are likely to be effective include offering referral rewards, creating a strong network, and advertising your services in local newspapers or community events. Furthermore, social media and search engines can also help promote your company.

Consider creating a website and setting up professional email addresses for your pressure washing company, along with professional logo designs to establish trust with clients and increase brand recognition. Furthermore, open a business bank account and purchase liability insurance to cover its operations.

One way of marketing your pressure washing business is to join your local chamber of commerce and distribute business cards at nearby businesses. In addition, local search engines could host ads promoting your services; furthermore, paid search campaigns might provide even further reach.

Newspapers can be an invaluable source of publicity, so be sure to have a press release ready in the event of any relevant stories. In addition, attending local community events and networking functions is another effective way of meeting prospective clients.

Offer discounts to existing customers as a great way to retain them (I have seen credit based model as well on online poker sites mentioned on the to the same customer retainment) and encourage them to refer you. This will keep them loyal while potentially expanding your customer base through referrals from friends and family members.